Swiss Metal Assets (SMA) Private Storage Program offers a safe and secure method of storing Strategic & Precious Metals.

1. Storage location

The Metals will be stored in third party bank level 1 security vaults located in the duty free zones of Switzerland and Panama where safety and discretion are guaranteed.

2. Vaults, Delivery and Insurance

The SMA Offshore Storage Program provides insured delivery and storage facilities for strategic and precious metals and collectibles. The facilities are offered to all clients of SMA, and on a case by case basis, persons wishing to store metals purchased outside of SMA programs. All contents of the vaults will be fully insured against theft or damage. Details of delivery charges for metals or collectibles acquired outside of SMA programs can be seen below in section 9.

3. Allocated and Segregated

Once the metals are acquired they are immediately allocated to the client at the supplier. Once the metals are delivered at the vault they will be maintained in a fully allocated and segregated manner in client specific sub-accounts. This means that once in storage the title to the metals is held 100% by the client and no unauthorized third party may have any claim over the metal assets.

4. Materials to be stored in the vault

Materials stored in the SMA vault program will be restricted to strategic and precious metals and collectibles.

5. Visiting the facility.

Clients are welcome to visit the facility and their metals. Please contact SMA in advance to be included in an upcoming scheduled tour.

6. Independent Customs Authorities on site

As both facilities are located in economic free zones, the respective customs authorities monitor and control, as a matter of respective customs legislation, the movement of metals both in and out of the storage facilities.

7. Storage for metals purchased outside of SMA metal programs

To secure depository and storage facilities with The SMA Offshore Storage Program, please contact SMA.

8. Delivery Services of non-SMA metals to the vault.

In the event that SMA agrees to store metals for clients who have acquired metals outside of SMA metal programs, such clients will incur all delivery costs (determined by the size of the metals deposit). Please contact SMA for further details of the SMA delivery services program (which includes Panamanian customs clearance).

9. SMA Storage fees

Storage fees are 1.5% per year, based on the original purchase value of the metals, paid 5 years in advance. Remaining storage fees will be refunded if client leaves before 5 years (with no penalty) on a full month pro-rate basis. Clients wishing to extend the original 5 year storage period will have the option of a year by year or 5 year in advance program.

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