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Learn How to Anonymously Own a Piece of a “Rare” Resource That Accounts for 5% of the World’s Economy!

The dollar is falling… Rapid Inflation is right around the corner… And the Government wants to inflate away the wealth you have worked so hard to acquire. But…

What if there was a way for you to get inside information on an asset protection strategy that could provide a better hedge against inflation than gold; while still offering significantly higher growth potential than silver and other commodities?

And what if that same product could be owned completely anonymously? 100% private, from the government or anyone else.

Something that is virtually impossible when buying gold bullion due to reporting requirements.This is your chance to be one of the first to learn about one of these powerful asset protection strategies.

Strategies that most people, and even savvy investors like yourself, are completely unaware of.In just a moment, you are going be let in on information that until recently has been kept secret.  That is, until a story broke about a national monopoly in Rare Metals – and the political and industrial consequences of that monopoly.The story?…An article about The Japanese Arresting a Chinese Fishing Boat Captain…But, you will read more about that inside…Along with how it relates to asset protection strategies, and how you can profit…And how it, and other actions taken by various world governments practically ensures that ownership of some specific rare metals could be very lucrative.But only if you have the right information.We are offering a rare glimpse into the rare strategic metals market with this FREE REPORT written by internationally renowned offshore banking and investment expert Peter Macfarlane. Peter has proven himself over and over again as one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on asset protection strategies as well as financial and personal privacy.

This research report was originally prepared exclusively for members of his privately-published offshore investment and asset protection newsletter Q Wealth Report, but for a limited time we have obtained permission from the publishers, Q Wealth Limited, to offer you a FREE copy.

Yes, please give me the inside scoop on:

  • 100% Privacy from Government Intrusion
  • Asset Protection Strategies / Protection from Inflation
  • Growth
  • Free Bonus! 2 Free Newsletter Subscriptions - Monthly Asset Protection, Privacy and Wealth Preservation Advice
Mr. Macfarlane shares information that will put you on the inside track. Information and asset protection strategies like:

  • How rare metals can be owned 100% anonymously, legally and out of reach of the greedy hands of government… But only if done correctly - ignore these tips at your peril.
  • A market that comprises nearly 5% of the world economy, but has never been available to individual buyers until now. Find out if the potential upside is as big as it sounds.
  • Various ways you can capitalize on strategic rare metal purchases, and the advantages - and pitfalls - of each.
  • How to own “paper” assets and funds. Understand the benefits and risks.
  • How to own and store physical metal in a secure tax free zone – Is it possible? And if so, how and where? Is it really better than owning paper?
  • How to buy these metals, even though they are not publicly traded. This is information most investors are missing out on.
  • How hybrid cars and other “clean energy” projects reduce reliance on hostile oil producing countries and how rare strategic metals are critical to the success of these projects.
  • How to stop worrying about the falling dollar and inflation with asset protection strategies that can act as an excellent hedge against inflation.

You already know that having a hedge against the falling dollar and having strong asset protection strategies are important. That is why you probably already own some gold.  But gold is just that, a hedge. Plus, gold is not safe from government confiscation. It has happened before, it could (and according to some experts probably will) happen again.

Strategic rare metals on the other hand, in addition to being completely private, also provide excellent potential growth opportunities. But you will be able to judge that for yourself after reading your report…

Discover more of the Asset Protection and Growth Strategies and Opportunities of Rare Metal and Learn:

  • Are you the right type of investor for strategic metals? If not, don’t even think about it.
  • Why Congressman Mike Coffman is admitting the US fell asleep at the wheel regarding these metals and their relationship with China.
  • How reliant the US is on these metals for military applications.
  • How new legislation is being proposed that practically guarantees rare metals will be worth more in the future.
  • Why the “Dirtiest City in the World”, and the policies that created it, is one more reason to bet on this commodity increasing in value.
  • How price sensitivity in this market is going to increase, and how you can profit from this coming wave.
  • Why China and Bolivia have been stockpiling these metals, and why their countries policies are perfectly suited to these monopolies.
  • How long your rare metals purchases should be held. This is critical to your portfolio planning.
  • Can Strategic Rare Metal purchases make you rich? Once you have this information, you can decide for yourself.
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You already know that commodities prices are based on supply and demand, so consider this – Approximately 21,000 tonnes of silver are produced every year, compared to only 78 tonnes of Gallium.  Demand for Gallium is only going to increase as its use in semiconductors, transistors and diodes grow.

This is your chance to finally be on the “inside”.  Just fill out the form below, and get instant access to your report. You will also have immediate access to your bonuses which are packed full of asset protection, privacy, investment and rare strategic metal buying strategies.

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Your Future Wealth is Being Inflated Away by Policies Outside of Your Control
Discover for free this proven asset protection strategy - before its too late.
  • Learn how strategic metals can be owned completely privately - no one needs to know you own them but you.
  • Discover if rare metals could be the right asset protection strategy for your portfolio.
  • Join the elite group of individuals who know how these metals can be purchased, held and profited from.
  • Revealed Inside: Why top offshore investment advisers think this "rare asset", which makes up for 5% of the worlds total economy has such great long term potential.
  • Pending legislation that further secures the future value of certain strategic metals we tell you about inside.

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