The Key Industries Basket includes Strategic Metals that have an end focus across a broad spectrum of all Key Industries including Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Defense and Construction.

Metals Weight Applications
Indium 2kg LEDs, Flat Screens, Cryogenics
Gallium 2kg Fuel Cells, Pharmaceuticals,
Hafnium 3kg Nuclear Technology, Computer Chips, Superalloys
Tellurium 7kg Semi Conductors, Optical Storage
Tantalum 8kg Chemical Industry, Capacitors
Bismuth 47.4kg Emulsion, Optical Glasses, Antiseptics, Emulsions

Basket Performance as of the 31st March 2012*

The Key Industries Basket was launched in US Dollars in March 2009

Launch Price: US$10,290.09

Price Adjustment: US$8,136.18

% Change            : +79.07%

*For the current daily value please see Basket A top right of this page

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