As a precious metals researcher and analyst of many years standing I have no hesitation in fully endorsing Swiss Metals Assets S.A as a bona fide provider of gold, silver, Rare Strategic Metals (RSM) and Rare Earth Elements (REE).
- Michael Moore MAICD ASA

Investing in or converting your currency into Physical Strategic & Precious Metals (Silver & Gold) is a means of securing a safe harbor during times of financial crises. We are living in a time where “too big to fail” simply isn’t true, where market swings can pang a deadly knockout punch and when rounds of quantitative easing are becoming the band-aid of choice in tackling sovereign debt and with it rising inflation.

Thankfully, Strategic Metals do not exist in these shadowy realms. Strategic & Precious Metals are tangible fixed assets that are not correlated to normal financial market trends. They are the essential components used across a broad spectrum of industry and demand continues to outweigh supply. That is why at Swiss Metal Assets our Strategic Metal Baskets have returned an average of 25% a year, every year, over the past 3 years.

Who are Swiss Metal Assets?

In 2009, Haines & Maassen partnered with the Swiss firm Schweizerische Metallhandels AG to provide a way for European buyers to claim their own stake in Rare and Strategic Metals. Instead of selling Metals in substantial amounts to industrial clientele, the partnership splits them into nominal quantities, allowing individuals to own them physically while securely storing them in the Zurich duty free zone.

Two years later, Schweizerische Metallhandels AG opened offices in the Americas under the name Swiss Metal Assets (SMA). Now investors all over the world have access to this market.

The results, frankly, have been phenomenal. In 2011, the values of the Metals in SMA’s original “A” and “B” Rare and Strategic Metals baskets increased 21%. Our “C” basket is up 13% since its launch in October 2011.

Why Rare or Critical Strategic Metals?

The demand for Critical Strategic Metals is vastly outweighing supply in the West. This is largely due to the fact these Rare earth and Strategic Metals are controlled by the East! It is estimated that China controls 96% of the world’s Rare earth & critical Metals even though they only have 40% of the reserves. As such, they have a stranglehold on the refining process at this time.

This, along with mining and extraction difficulties, has led the West to formally recognize these shortages as shown in the studies below.

The British Geological Society Risk List 2011

US DOE Critical Metals Strategy 2011

EU 2010 Critical Materials Study

All these studies echo the same message - Strategic Metals are critical to industry in the West and there are supply issues. The Korean Government, for another example, added Indium to its “Control of Supply” list in July 2011 in an effort to protect technology manufacturers such as SAMSUNG and LG.

Swiss Metal Assets - Strategic & Precious Metals Platform

Swiss Metal Assets provide a platform for individuals to acquire Baskets of Strategic Metals each with a specific industry focus. Current Baskets include the Key Industries Basket, Energy Basket, Construction Basket and our recently launched Defense Basket.

We also offer competitive Silver and Gold programs that include delivery or offshore storage in the tax free Entrepot in Switzerland. Out Gold program includes an option of Gold on scheduled delivery (6 or 12 months) at prices as low as 2% below Spot!

This platform allows individuals to convert their currency assets into Strategic Metals, stored away in the safety and privacy of a bank level 1 security vault in the duty and tax free Entrepot, outside Zurich, Switzerland. Once they wish to convert the Metals back into currency, the SMA Platform will repurchase the Metals and refund you in any bank account, in any currency, worldwide.

Daily valuations are provided through the SMA Platform.

For US clients, SMA provides facilities to invest in their Self-Directed IRA.

Strategic Metals Baskets

Through an offering of Strategic Metal “Baskets”, each specifically weighted by Strategic Metals with an industry specific focus, clients can choose from Strategic Metals that they feel will greater enhance their chances of protecting their wealth.

We currently have 4 Strategic Metals Baskets to offer our clients.

  1. The Key Industries Basket contains 6 Strategic Metals
  2. The Solar & Energy Basket of 3 Strategic Metals
  3. The Construction Basket of 6 Strategic Metals
  4. The Defense Basket of 5 Strategic Metals

Contact SMA

To purchase Metals or discuss this option further, please fill in your full information and an account executive from SMA will get back to you promptly. Please reference Michael Moore and receive 1 year free storage on any of the Strategic Metal Baskets, Silver or Gold, before June 1st.

Also, with leaving your name and details you will be entered into a draw for a Silver coin!

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