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Randy Hilarski your Rare Metals Guy

Randy Hilarski - The Rare Metals Guy

Randy Hilarski is an entrepreneur who moved to Panama where he saw opportunity and growth. Panama has been an opportunity of a lifetime with excitement at every turn. Randy chose to partner with Swiss Metal Assets SA.

More and more citizens of western nations are realizing that fiat currency is not a safe place to keep your assets. Randy learned from people like Peter Schiff, David Morgan, Jeff Berwick, Tekoa Da Silva and James Turk on how and why to protect your assets using precious metals. Swiss Metal Assets has given him the opportunity to take this idea one step further and include the rare industrial metals.

Physical Ownership of Rare Metals

Up until recently, there was no way for private investors, or even institutional investors for that matter, to buy into stockpiles of actual physical Rare Metals and industrial Gold and Silver. The world’s suppliers only sold direct to industrial buyers, and the complex process referred to as ¨ex-works costs¨, which include buyer´s commissions at the country of sale, insurance, handling, transport, storage, licensing, taxes and tariffs, meant that participants had to be serious hands-on metal traders with real infrastructure and lots of capital.

The German company Haines & Maassen (HM) has been a leader in the European Metals Industry since 1948. Since the advent of widespread Rare Metal use, HM has made it a priority to become Europe’s primary dealer. They mainly supply the auto and aviation industries, optics, tech and R&D firms.

In 2009, HM partnered with the Swiss firm SchweizerischeMetallhandel AG and together they came up with a smart way for initially Swiss and German investors to claim their own stakes in Physical Rare Metals and Industrial Silver ownership. Instead of selling metals in substantial amounts to industrial clientele only, the partnership splits the metals into smaller quantities, allowing individuals to own them physically while securely storing them in a high security duty free warehouse outside of Zurich.

SchweizerischeMetallhandel AG has recently opened offices, under the name SMA Swiss Metal Assets, in Panama City, Panama in order to bring this investment to a worldwide audience.

Metals are currently allocated into three types of ¨baskets¨ which amongst them carry 11 different Rare Industrial Metals. Once acquired from HM, and transported, the baskets are stored outside of Zurich in a duty-free and tax- free zone.

All the metals are 100% physically and legally owned by the buyer at all times. The buyer can either take possession of the Rare Metals and Industrial Precious Metals or, like most investors, let them remain in the Swiss vault and accumulate value over time.

The baskets went up in value 47% in 2010 and up over 30% in value in 2011. These increases in value occurred during very volatile economic times.

So what does it cost? As a buyer you are gaining access to wholesale traders of Rare Industrial Metals, something you could never do on your own. You are buying at the same price that industrial buyers are paying today, plus a fee for access to this market. Please contact Swiss Metal Assets, using the form below, for details of their current basket prices (the quotation changes daily) and their fees. (Minimum entry level is below $10,000)

You should also know that Swiss Metal Assets can help you hold these metals in your self-directed IRA with an offshore LLC, in a completely IRS compliant structure, allowing you to “supercharge” your IRA’s performance with these rare industrial metals.

Your Exit Strategy

A tax free sale happens when the customer instructs SMA to sell the metals from the vault in Switzerland. In the case of a large order, SMA will arrange re-export from Switzerland and sale to an industrial buyer. In this case, the costs of re-export are always borne by the buyer, not the seller. The sale may take upwards of 2 weeks to ensure the best possible price for the seller.

If the client needs to expedite this process and the order is less than $250k, SMA will offer to buy the metals back within 48 hours. Orders between $250k and $500k may need to be liquidated across 7 working days. There are no VAT (sales tax) or capital gains taxes due in Switzerland. Funds will be dispersed to any bank account in any currency of the client´s choice.

How Rare are these Rare Industrial Metals?

“The Middle East has its oil, China has rare earth metals.” —Deng Xiaoping, Chinese President (1992)

The Chinese now control 97% of exports of Rare Metals worldwide and have reduced exports over 70% in the past 2 years. The result has been exponential increases in the values of these metals that now, in 2011, are used across 80% of industry, and in such favorite items as Flat Screen TV´s and Cellphones. China has reported that by 2014 they will also need to import rare metals from remaining sources to meet their own industrial needs.

The European Union 2010 and British Geological Survey 2011 reports on Critical Elements have now identified many of these Rare Metals as in short supply, vulnerable to interruptions in supply, and subject to ever increasing demand from emerging economic powers (some of which have huge populations just now getting electricity) like China and India. You can view these reports on the Swiss Metal Assets Homepage.

While the markets and precious metals have been down recently, and currency has been fluctuating, SMA Rare Industrial Metal baskets have maintained their values, and are still up in value for the year.

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