Swiss Metal Assets, S.A. (SMA) and its trading partner Schweizerische Metallhandels AG, (SMH) provide an asset protection service throughout the Americas and Europe focusing on the physical ownership of rare earth, rare idustrial and rare technical metals to help you hedge against inflation and to protect your assets from currency devaluation.

Over the last 5 years Swiss Metal Assets has developed, a proven, safe and secure process to preserve wealth. Swiss Metal Assets will provide you with physical ownership of 100% allocated rare industrial metals securely stored, offshore and tax-free in the duty-free zone of Switzerland.

Five years ago three German entrepreneurs recognized the need for people to have physical ownership of tangible assets like rare industrial metals to offset inflation and currency devaluation. In partnership with Haines & Maassen, one of the largest rare earth metal traders in the world, we now offer rare industrial metals to the general public for the first time. Previously, these rare industrial metals could only be purchased by manufacturers or metal traders as a result of being sold by the metric ton (2204.6 lbs).

Since then, our group (SMA, SMH and Haines & Maassen) has converted about $100 million (USD) of devaluing currency into real metal assets for the benefit of Europeans and Americans alike. The value of our clients metal baskets increased by 47% in 2010 and between 33% and 39% in the first 6 months of 2011.

Together with Haines & Maassen, Swiss Metal Assets has selected specific rare industrial metals that are in high demand by industry and have allocated them into separate rare metal “baskets” that we believe have the most upside potential for gains in value over the next 3 to 5 years. Each of these “baskets” can be supplemented with the purchase of silver granulates. Silver granulates are the preferred form of silver by industry and are the most liquid

Brazil, Russia, India and China are devouring huge amounts of rare industrial metals to meet the needs of their expanding economies and burgeoning middle class populations.

Our rare metals “baskets” consist of Indium, Hafnium, Gallium, Bismuth, Tantalum, and Tellurium, augmented with Silver Granulates as an add on.

We have divided the most commonly used but still very rare industrial metals into 2 baskets. Each basket is focused on technology and is related to a different area of industry and commerce.

Three (3) metals (indium, hafnium and gallium) are included in the Solar and Energy Basket.

Those three (3) metals and three (3) additional metals (bismuth, tantalum and tellurium) are included in the Key Industries Basket.

We will be introducing a third basket of six (6) additional metals focused on the Construction and Engineering sectors of the economy in the fall of 2011.

The details regarding each basket can be found on the Ownership page of the Sales Brochure, which may be downloaded by clicking here.

The daily prices for each of the baskets currently available can be found on the Information button of this website on the Daily Basket Values tab of the drop-down menu.

Silver granulates can be added to any basket to further diversify your asset protection plan. It is sold in industry ready granulate form which is the preferred form for use in industry. Silver granulates are sold at spot price plus a fee for the physical delivery of the actual silver. Swiss Metal Assets offers coins or bars as well but at a higher premium than silver granulate.

Physical Ownership and Storage

We store our client’s allocated metal assets physically, in an independent bank security level 1 (the highest security) vault in Zurich, Switzerland.