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Strategic Metals are Stable in These Volatile Economic Times

Rare Strategic Metals

This week has been absolutely amazing in the financial markets! Gold, Silver, Bonds, Stocks, Junior Mining, Central Banks, Employment Numbers, Interest rates and Bernanke speaks. If you are like me you are a little burned out from all the information. There is one market that has been remarkably stable.  That is the rare strategic metals.

The rare strategic metals consists of elements used in everything from your mobile phone, lap top, Flat Screen TV, hybrid and conventional automobiles, solar, defense and 85% of everything you use day to day. That iPhone or Android in your pocket has strategic metals like indium, gallium, tantalum, silver and even gold inside.

There is a very important difference between the minor metals like copper and the strategic metals. The minor metals are affected greatly by a slowdown in the world economy. The strategic metals are not because the world as a whole is using more and more of the metals as third world nations adopt the use of wireless devices, computers and other technologies. If you have not heard about the BRICS Cable that will deliver Broadband access to the whole of Africa by 2014, please check out the link. Can you imagine what the market for Smart Phones will be?

Having a global perspective is needed during these difficult financial times. There is so much information available to us online, that we really do not need to listen to what is reported in mainstream media. Looking to the future and seeing the trends will assure you of a prosperous future. Rare strategic metals are one of those opportunities that an investor can look to the future and know that they will be vital to the future of our global digital economy.

By: Randy Hilarski - The Rare Metals Guy

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