1. Strategic Metal Baskets

Through an offering of Physical Strategic Metal “Baskets”, each specifically containing Strategic Metals with an industry specific focus, clients can select a portfolio of baskets that will protect their wealth from inflation and currency devaluation.

We currently have 4 Physical Strategic Metals Baskets to offer our clients:

  1. The Key Industries Basket of 6 Metals
  2. The Energy Basket of 3 Strategic Metals
  3. The Construction & Engineering Basket of 6 Strategic Metals
  4. The Defense Basket of 5 Strategic Metals

 2. Silver & Gold

Swiss Metal Assets offers a Gold Program with current or scheduled delivery with prices as low as 2% below spot.

Swiss Metal Assets offer a Silver Program for current delivery.

3. IRA Products & Services

Swiss Metal Assets can assist clients with an IRS compliant self-directed IRA plan to hold Strategic and/or Precious Metals. This is achieved in combination with an offshore LLC vehicle that will hold the Strategic and/or Precious Metals on behalf of your IRA.

After an experienced account executive assists you with choosing from our range of Physical Strategic or Precious Metals, we can then facilitate the establishment of the offshore LLC and self-directed IRA for you.

For more info, please click here

4. Offshore Strategic & Precious Metals Storage

Swiss Metal Assets can directly arrange for third party Independent Offshore Storage for all Strategic and Precious Metals. The metals, once delivered to either the Swiss or Panamanian bank level 1 vault will be held in an allocated and segregated basis. This means that the metals are 100% owned by you and the legal title remains with you.

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