Weekly Google Plus 52 Silver 1 ounce Coins or Bars Giveaway

It is 2012 and we are giving away 52 Silver 1 ounce Coins or Bars.  Swiss Metal Assets is committed to bringing you the latest information on the Precious Metals and Rare Industrial Metals market.

Silver is a store of value and one of the critical metals according to the United States Geological Survey and the British Geological Survey.  Silver is so important to the world around us that we think that a weekly giveaway is in order.

Giveaway rules:

- Please Follow Swiss Metal Assets on Google Plus by adding us to your circles

- Please reshare the post you saw this Giveaway on in your Google Plus stream.

- As a comment please guess the closing price of Silver by Thursday at 1pm for the Comex Silver closing price on Fridays at 6pm.

- You can also help us out by giving us a +1 on our website, not required but we sure wouldn´t mind.

This is an international competition so everyone can try to guess the price weekly.  We are a German company based in Panama and we welcome everyone.