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Why Buy and Store Metals Offshore

Offshore Storage Facilities for Rare Earth and Industrial Metals

Today more than ever it is important for a person to diversify the location of their assets. If you are one of my readers there is a good chance that you believe in Precious and Rare Metals as a form of protection against inflation, and governmental shenanigans. Metals give a person piece of mind like very few other investments can.

Some of the benefits of Metals include.
  1. Paper assets can depreciate to zero, Metals will not.
  2. Metals are a hard asset that can be handled, free of third party interference.
  3. Metals are a store of value.
  4. Metals are both a form of money and used in industry.
  5. Metals are highly liquid.

Why take your metals offshore? Inflation according to the US government is running close to 3% and banks are paying a paltry 1-2% for interest. People are increasingly worried about government seizure of their paper assets and hard assets. Recently Portugal decided to take over its pension funds until the financial crisis passes. As we know once a government takes over something they rarely give it back. How long do you think until nations like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia start invading their pension funds? In 1933 the US government under the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt required US citizens to turn their Gold in for currency. Do you think that the governments of today are any less bold?

The four main benefits of offshore investing include.
  1. Asset Protection
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Tax Sheltering
  4. Diversification

There are many different ways a person can buy and store metals internationally. A client could buy and store in their personal name. They could store their metals in an offshore IRA. They could purchase their metals through a company that they control. They could use a Trust or an offshore structure that they control. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for the savvy metals buyer.

In the spring of 2012 we are tentatively scheduled to open our latest storage facility in Panama. We have had many clients asking us if we knew of an option for them to store their metals closer to home. Our waiting list of clients looking to take advantage of this opportunity continues to grow. It will be located in the Panama Pacifico Free Zone which is the old Howard Air Force Base in the Canal Zone. Currently we have our facility in Zurich, Switzerland in the Swiss Free Zone. If you would like more information to buy Metals or to be added to our Panama storage wait list please feel free to contact myself or the team at Swiss Metal Assets.

Customers ask, How would I transport the Metals to Panama? Brinks is the logical choice for me. They offer door to door service for the client. You can learn more on their website.

The financial situations are getting more and more complicated for nations throughout the world. Don´t you think it is time that you protected your assets?

By: Randy Hilarski - The Rare Metals Guy

Ownership of Rare Earth Industrial Metals :: Swiss Metal Assets

Swiss Metal Assets is the vanguard in ownership of real metal assets to counter the negative effect the global financial crisis on your accumulated wealth. There are hundreds of bloggers out there that can tell you on the impending doom and gloom which is the result of Quantitative Easing.

Swiss Metal Assets will give you the only viable solution to protect and preserve your wealth.

With our offices in Panama City, Republic of Panama and our vault in Zurich, Switzerland we have the best of each geographic location. The Republic of Panama has sophisticated financial laws and Switzerland is known for their security and stability.

You can rest assured that your accumulated wealth will be protected and preserved in a financially and ultra secure environment.

Our metals include but are not limited to Hafnium, Gallium, Indium, Bismuth, Tantalum and Tellurium which are used in the fabrication of different items we use every day from the fiber optic wire that connects to the internet, to, parts of nuclear reactors that provide SAFE electric power to your house.

These metals are also leading the way to new a more efficient ways of producing green power from windmills, solar panels, and batteries used in electric cars.

For a free consultation with a Rare Earth Metals Advisor about how we can assist you in securing and preserving you wealth please call our numbers below or contact us by clicking here.

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