U. S. Defense Department Needs Rare and Strategic Metals – Asset Protection and Investment Opportunity!

Three years ago a comprehensive review by the US Congress revealed an alarming shortage of rare and strategic metals needed for military applications. Many hi-tech weapons systems today are vulnerable. To help retail investors take advantage of the profit opportunities in rare strategic metals, necessary for military applications, Swiss Metals Assets (SMA) recently launched their newest metals basket. The DEFENSE BASKET contains 5 critical rare strategic metals necessary for stealth technology, jet engines, missile propulsion, high speed imaging, target recognition, and aerospace communications, to name just a few. Even common field equipment is affected. Night vision, armor piercing munitions, range finders, phosphors, fluorescents and lasers also require these metals.

The Department of Defense is now actively seeking sources of these rare and strategic metals, outside of the US to meet their needs. At the same time, other countries, not the least of which is China, are building stockpiles of these metals and significantly reducing their exports of these metals to potential adversaries.

  • Rhenium (1 kg) – Stealth aircraft, jet engine parts, and missile propulsion.
  • Tantalum (5 kg) – Chip capacitors for weapons systems.
  • Indium (5 kg) – Laser tracking, night vision, high speed imaging, target recognition.
  • Gallium (5 kg) – Military and aerospace communications.
  • Tungsten (20 kg) – Kinetic energy projectiles and penetrating armaments.

The Defense Basket price of $22,500.30 is already up $300 since its launch date of May 1, 2012. This is an extremely attractive price if one compares it to the performance of previous baskets that have gone on to double in value within 2 years of their launch.

As an extra incentive to get involved immediately, SMA is offering anywhere from 2 to 5 years of free storage to Q Wealth members, which could amount to a savings of as much as 7.5% on the program.

Haines & Maassen and Swiss Metal Assets – Since 1948

For the most part, these metals are only available via intermediaries buying directly from mines and selling to industry. The intermediaries deal in multi-million-dollar amounts, store the metals in their own warehouses, and sell to military and industrial clients with persistent demand.

One such company, Haines & Maassen (H&M), has been a leader in the European metals industry since 1948. H&M is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of rare and strategic metals, supplying the auto and aviation industries, optics, and R & D firms.

In 2009, H&M partnered with the Swiss firm Schweizerische Metallhandels AG to provide a way for European buyers to claim their own stake in rare and strategic metals. Instead of selling metals in substantial amounts to industrial clientele, the partnership splits them into nominal quantities, allowing individuals to own them physically while securely storing them in the Zurich duty free zone.

Two years later, Schweizerische Metallhandels AG opened offices in the Americas under the name Swiss Metal Assets (SMA). Now investors all over the world have access to this market.

The results have been truly impressive. In 2011, the values of the metals in SMA’s original “Key Industries” and “Energy/Micro Tech” rare and strategic metal baskets increased 21%. The “Construction and Engineering” basket is already up 13% since its launch in October 2011.

All metals are 100% physically owned by you, the buyer. You can take possession of the metals anytime, or simply store them securely in the Zurich duty-free zone or for the Defense basket specifically, in Panama. When you’re ready to sell, you can liquidate your position anytime. SMA will sell it for you through H&M.

The process is simple and completely transparent:

  • You place an order for a basket of metals. You pay up to 15% above the wholesale price of these metals, reflecting the costs of splitting industrial-sized orders into smaller segments for retail customers.
  • The order is filled and the basket is transported to the vault in Zurich
  • In time, you sell the metals back through SMA via H&M, free of any taxes in Switzerland. You collect 100% of the actual price realized for the metals.
  • SMA transfers the proceeds to you in any major currency to your preferred bank or any other destination.

SMA is the only company in the Americas offering this unique opportunity. You can capitalize on a valuable, tangible asset class that is instrumental in innovation and advances in many sectors of industry, vital to strategic manufacturing goals and crucial for national defense.

Individuals who want to own these metals and participate in one of the biggest issues facing the world in the first quarter of the 21st Century, should be willing to hold these metals for at least 3 to 5 years, to reap the highest rewards. As the supply and demand issues involving these metals, plus a significant Chinese embargo of these metals continue to drive up their values, we expect these metals to continue their historic performance of annual double-digit value gains in the future.

Supercharge Your IRA

If you are concerned about the dwindling value of your IRA, or potential government confiscation of your IRA or 401k to fund floundering entitlement programs, you should consider supercharging your IRA with SMA Strategic Metals. SMA has a sound, proven solution for you to consider.

Resentment and frustration is palpable among those who have lost large proportions of their retirement funds during the global economic crises. Others are simply frustrated at the lack of investment options available. And with the pressures of US government debt continuing to mount, the low hanging fruit of your life’s labor, your retirement plan, may ultimately prove too irresistible to ignore.

Investing in Physical Strategic or Precious Metals through a Self-Directed IRA is a practical, bona fide way of taking control of your future financial security. This is achieved by utilizing an offshore LLC vehicle which is fully compliant with IRS regulations. An offshore LLC also provides stringent liability protection, allowing an individual a greater level of comfort from fear of law suits and judgements.

Contact Swiss Metal Assets

We invite you to do your own research concerning rare and strategic metals, and if you are interested in learning more about this unique, empowering opportunity, please click on the link below to contact an SMA Account Manager.

*To take advantage of the free storage offer SMA needs an email commitment by the 15th of June, with the acquisition funded by the end of June.
*Please refer to Q Wealth in the message section of the form or in any email correspondence with SMA to qualify for the free storage offers.

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