Investing in or converting your currency into Physical Strategic Metals is a means of securing a safe harbor during times of financial crises. We are living in an age where “too big to fail” simply isn’t true, where market swings can pang a deadly knockout punch and when actively promoting a weak currency dollar has become the band aid of choice in tackling sovereign debt and with it rising inflation.

Thankfully, Strategic Metals do not exist in these shadowy realms. Physical Strategic Metals are tangible fixed assets that are not correlated to normal financial market trends. They are not paper backed securities but full legal title to the metals vest with the buyer once purchased. They are the essential components used across a broad spectrum of industry and demand continues to outweigh supply. In 2011 National Geographic coined it perfectly when describing Strategic Metals as “the secret ingredients in almost everything”! As such, industrial demand continues to exceed industrial production. And this is the factor that creates their intrinsic value and why the price of Strategic Metals should continue to increase year on year.

Swiss Metal Assets S.A. have made it possible for private individuals to purchase and stockpile Physical Strategic Metals here in the Americas, something only possible for major industry and research up to this point. If you believe like we do that physically owning stockpiling these rare assets are a way of diversifying and protecting your wealth then please contact an Account Executive today.

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